Success Story: Arianna

Arianna Akinwunmi, 2018 BGCCC Youth of the Year and Charles Schwab National Brand Ambassador, is an example of the life-changing effect of BGCCC programs. Growing up in the Frisco Boys & Girls Club for 14 years helped her instill a great mindset to dream big. She is now a freshman at University of Texas in San Antonio. Upon graduation, she hopes to start her own business with a focus on community service and offer entrepreneurship classes on financial freedom to young people.

  • “The financial education program helped me prioritize my needs and wants so I can achieve my goal of earning a college degree with minimal student loan debt. I now have confidence that I am in charge of my financial destiny, not my parents or corporations, and that achieving financial freedom at a young age is possible.”
    AriannaBGCCC Alumnus