Success Story: Aakilah

Aakilah Frisco BGCCC Success Story
Aakilah is the kind of person you want to be around. She always has a smile on her face and has a desire to help others feel good about themselves. It is hard to believe that when Aakilah came into the Club years ago, she was quiet. She did not talk much to anybody and would keep to herself. She would participate in the programming, but it was not until her involvement with Keystone, that she began to open up. The more she got involved in programs, such as SMART Girls, Triple Play and various Character & Leadership programs, her interactions with others began to improve and grow into relationships. Every day Aakilah has a positive attitude and is passionate about giving back to the community and the Club. Aakilah’s hard work has allowed her the opportunity to work as a Junior Staff at the Club to grow her knowledge and experience even farther.

–Brenda, Frisco Club Branch Director

  • I’ve been at the Frisco Boys & Girls Club for over seven years. It is in the years at the Club that my life has been impacted in many positive ways in education, decisions and my interactions with others. Being at the Club everyday has kept me out of trouble and taught me how to avoid drugs, peer pressure and a lot of other things that teens my age get into. If I didn’t go to the Club every day I would probably be hanging out with those bad influences. But instead the tutors at the Club help with me with my homework…
    Aakilah16 Years Old